About Us

Kompete is one of a kind platform which aims to provide quality solutions to live objectives through the medium of Competition

Vision: To be the first choice competition platform for organizers and participants across all fields

Mission: To drive the spirit of healthy competition to achieve best solutions for desired objectives

Our Values

Quality Objectives for Participants

Quality Solutions for Organizers

Quality Incentives for Winners

How It Works

Organizers define objectives and target participants

Organizers approach Kompete with defined objectives to be achieved from target participants and Incentives

Kompete Design

Kompete team shall design the complete process of competition best suited to meet objectives of the organizers

Listing of Competition and Marketing

Kompete will list the competition on its web platform and fulfil marketing needs to get the desired participation

Participation & Process

Target participants shall register for the competition and make submissions as per guidelines

Evaluation & Announcements

Evaluation of submissions shall be processed and winners shall be announced and presented the incentives.

Benefits to Organizers

  • 1 One stop shop to reach out to maximum target
  • 2 Increase brand engagement and visibility
  • 3 Explore perspectives not ventured
  • 4 Possible tool to hire or award contracts
  • 5 Get solutions across all industries and verticals

Benefits to Participants

  • 1 One stop shop to participate in the field of interest
  • 2 Drive competitive and innovative spirit
  • 3 Participate in a live cause
  • 4 Enhance your CVs with participation and winner certifications
  • 5 Get incentivised with incentives ranging from Jobs, Scholarships, Internship, Contracts, Fee Waivers, Cash Prizes and much more

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