All India Live Twisted Tambola

About Competition

Game will start at 6pm on Sunday 19th April 2020!

Tambola, also popularly known as Housie is one of the frequently played family games. Sports Clubs, Gymkhanas, House Parties, Kitty Parties and many more gatherings, the game is played and with a lot of variations in prizes.

Kompete presents Twisted Tambola which will be played in a unique manner, playable by all age groups.

An interesting way of number finding is adopted to make the game a unique Experience.

Have Fun!


  • Please read all the rules and submission process properly.
  • Any deviation or violation of the process will disqualify the participant.
  • The decision of organizers shall be final and binding on all participants.
  • Open for all age groups.
  • Any number of tickets can be bought by the participant.
  • Cost per ticket is Rs.25/-
  • Total Amount payable will be Rs.25/- x Number of tickets desired
  • Total Payment to be made using Google Pay Barcode or via IMPS/NEFT Bank transfer (Details mentioned below).
  • Payment once made is Non-Refundable.
  • Participant needs to register using form below and provide a working WhatsApp number.
  • The WhatsApp number provided in registration shall be the number on which the game will be played by the participant.
  • Participant needs to share the screenshot of payment via WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp to be sent on +91-7208068002.
  • Kindly store the WhatsApp number +91-7208068002 in your contacts list in order to receive the Broadcast messages during the Game.
  • Tickets shall be sent on WhatsApp number of participants after receipt of payment screenshot (Within 6 hours of payment).
  • Instruction sheet will be shared before the game starts.
  • WhatsApp needs to be working during the duration of the game.
  • All the participants must have access to google.
  • Instruction sheet will be sent to all the participants on Sunday 19th April 2020 on or before 4:00pm.


  • Game will be played on WhatsApp through WhatsApp Broadcast.
  • We will not be announcing numbers directly but provide search for the number (Don’t worry, nothing to solve)
  • Procedure for submission of ticket for claim of any prize shall be provided in the instruction sheet.


  • Participant can claim only one prize on one Ticket.
  • Prizes money with each position like Jaldi 5, Lines, Full House, 4 Corners and others shall be provided with instruction sheet.


For any queries, contact us at +91-22-61476581 or Email us at